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Supercharge Your Bio LinkQuestions & Answers

What is Shorty Bio Link?
Shorty is a single link that you can add to your bio on any social media platform, that enables you to share many links so your followers and visitors can choose which of your content to connect with. Also with Shorty, you can create personalised short links to drive traffic to your offers and track the success of every short link with detailed insights and real-time clickstream records.
Do I need a website to use Shorty Bio Link?
No, you don’t! Shorty Bio Link can act as your micro-website to share, sell and grow without any of the time and effort involved in building and maintaining a regular website.
How many links should I have on my Shorty Bio Page?
If your priority is click-throughs and conversion, we recommend having 3-6 links on your Shorty Bio Page. Furthermore, you can add animation to your links to give priority and attention to particular links.
Can I get paid and sell things from a Shorty Bio Link?
Yes, you can! You can collect donations, and sell digital products with the integration. Even you can sell a physical product through PayPal.  Furthermore, you can collect revenue from affiliate links and sell other people’s products through your Shorty Bio Link and Shorty Url Shortener.
How can I drive more traffic to and through my Shorty Bio Link?
Sharing your Shorty Bio Link on every social platform is simple and easy, also you may use our Qr code to generate online traffic in offline places, and drive people to your links or Shorty Link in Bio.
Can I have unlimited Shorty Bio Page Links, Qr Codes, Url Shorteners and and unlimited all features?
Yes, you can. We have a special plan for agencies or marketers that need unlimited links to skyrocket their business. Just sign up here.

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